One-on-one mentorships are ideal for those who want flexibility and personal guidance with their photography. Whether you’re at the beginning of your photography career, changing directions, refining your style or in a photography rut, I am excited to share with you, guide you and help you in any way I can. Since no two individuals are the same, all mentorships are customized to meet your individual needs. And I promise that during our time together, you will have my undivided attention! 

$250 for the first hour + $150 for each additional hour

Possible topics for discussion (no topic is off limits):
·      project development or review
·      online portfolio | website review
·      session review
·      photographic style and vision
·      organization
·      inspiration and creativity
·      technique (lighting, shooting style, equipment use, composition, etc.)
·      post-processing and workflow
·      critique of specific photographs
·      long-term mentoring is also available

To inquire about a mentoring session or if you have any questions, please email me.

"I first met Deb as a silent student in her EYIA classes. Her work immediately drew me in and her class description spoke directly to my inner artist. I had been on my maternity leave only to learn that I was not going to return to my teaching job. So the exhausted Momma in me and the artist in me needed a pick-me-up and Deb was exactly what the universe prescribed. I asked for inspiration and Deb appeared. Her class touched my creative heart. All of the information and feedback she provided was pivotal to my growth and is still with me today. It took me out of my own doubt and showed me my heart and it's original photographic pulse. After our EYIA course was complete, I enrolled in an active seat in Deb's Fine Art for Photography course. I went in blindly and came out with, again, empowering information and drive. Presently, I am working with Deb with private mentoring. I can't begin to explain how lucky I feel, to have found her; to have her give me honest feedback while guiding me on to my best creative path. She fills my soul and whatever work you put into her mentoring sessions, the results are beyond what you expected and everything you could have ever wanted. I've just begun working with Deb one-on-one and I know that not only have I met a photographic talent who I admire intensely, but I have also made a friend who I can openly express my creative, vulnerable self with. This, to me, is invaluable today among this large and deep sea of photography. It's refreshing to find a voice, in Deb, that is clear, focused and demands of you what you need, to bring out the best in your art and the best in your heart."
- Jo Schwindt, May 2018

"Deb and I began our private mentoring in 2016.  I reached out to Deb knowing she was an extraordinary artists with years of teaching and mentoring experience under her belt.  I hoped she would help me hone a large body of work into a smaller, more cohesive and eloquently sequenced series.  Together we achieved my goals and so much more.  Along the way, Deb helped me fine-tune my artist statements, shared powerful insights regarding entering juried shows, and helped me step confidently into the next chapter of my fine art career.   To this day I continue to call upon Deb to review new work I have created and to tap into her ever-growing knowledge of the field of fine art photography. 1:1 mentoring has been the single most important investment I have made in my personal and professional growth as an artist and I hope to avail myself of Deb’s talent for years and years to come."
- Deb Achack, January 2018