I am so grateful to now be in my 11th year of my photography career. During this time, I nurtured and grew a successful portraiture business and made an award-winning transition into fine art photography. I have also had the incredible opportunity to teach and mentor hundreds of students along the way. Teaching and inspiring is something I am extremely passionate about and I'm excited to be offering three online courses, which can build upon one another or stand alone.

EMBRACING YOUR INNER ARTIST  |  09 - 20 January 2017 (Registration opens in August)

This year, one of my great desires is to teach and inspire photographers who are just beginning to explore the artistry and creativity in their photography. Learning and ultimately striving to master technique is imperative, but this information is widely accessible via books, tutorials, Google searches, etcetera. Learning to recognize, understand and embrace your personal style and vision is equally important, yet information on this creative process is much more difficult to obtain. It is this concept of understanding the importance of artistry in photography that I will focus on.

Recognizing and welcoming the artistry in your photography is what will eventually separate your work from the work of other photographers – it is what will make your photographs special, compelling and uniquely yours.  In this course, Embracing Your Inner Artist, students will begin to explore the relationship with their individual creativity and artistry more deeply. As a bonus, I will also cover a few organizational tips and business basics that I feel are extremely important, as you continue down the twists and turns of your photography path. 

Throughout this two-week course, I will encourage you to dig deep within yourself through daily lessons and discussions. You will reflect and critically think about your photography and who you are as an artist. I will share personal examples, successes, failures and inspirations. This course is about discovering and celebrating the unique artist that you are and the amazing journey that lies ahead. 


Advancing Your Artistry is the second of three courses that I am teaching on Illuminate. This course will continue to focus you inward, exploring your creative growth and the unique artist that you are. Throughout this two-week course, I will encourage you to dig deep within yourself through daily lessons and discussions. You will reflect and critically think about your personal style and artistic processes. This course will push you, with the goal of expanding and refining who you are as a photographer and artist. This course is for the photographer who has already begun to explore the concept of artistry in one's photography and is a structured to be highly interactive. Please come ready to share, with an open mind and heart.

PROJECT DEVELOPMENT & FINE ART  |  03 - 17 October 2016 (Registration opens in August)

In this course, students will explore the process of developing a body of work and learn about the necessary skills to move into the world of fine art photography. Students will receive lessons on how to prepare and present a fine art portfolio, to include writing an artist statement, bio and curriculum vitae. Information regarding competitions, portfolio reviews and exhibiting will be discussed. Assignments will be given that will encourage students to reflect and critically think about their current photography journey and the stories they wish to tell. Throughout this two-week course, I will share detailed fine art photography information, while also assisting and guiding students with their individual creative projects. I will share personal examples of my journey from a portrait photographer to a fine art photographer. I will also feature and discuss established fine art photographers who have inspired me along the way.  

All classes will be taught on the Illuminate Classes platform. Seats are very limited and classes typically fill quickly. For additional information or to register for a class, please visit Illuminate Classes. You can also subscribe to the Illuminate newsletter here.