THE SPACES BETWEEN  |  2013 - Present

This series began as I was enduring one of my husband’s many deployments. This was one of the longer separations, spanning a period of nine months. As I thought about our time and distance apart, he on a ship and me, safe at home, I also pondered that which connects us. 

The sea -- life, departure, unpredictability, desire, homecoming. The sea is peace. It is fury. The sea ebbs and flows, cutting through one’s thoughts, experiences and memories. This space that separates us, also encompasses and binds us — land and people, conscious and subconscious, light and depth, order and chaos. It is presence within a vastness. 

From dot to dot, an odyssey is narrated -- a journey that is buoyed by promise and hope, a connection that allows us to keep afloat and remain adrift, while charting the spaces between.