THE BECOMING | 2018 - Present

My husband’s retirement from the military in 2018 brought, for the first time ever, a sense of stability for me and my family. With the ‘baby’ turning 13, this was the beginning of a significant transitional chapter of redefining my role as a mother. Suddenly, my children were focused on seeking their independence and needing me much less. It was also the first time in many years that I felt I could begin the inward shift to the rediscovery of my own identity. In this series, I explore the metamorphosis that takes place as the layers of time are shed and simultaneously memorialized. The sense of self begins its movement inward and the identity begins to blossom again. The photographs in this series examine the delicate dance that takes place during this period of discovery — a journey of love and loss, courage and fear, strength and fragility, letting go and ultimately becoming.