Deb is an exceptional photographer. Time and again, her images are moving and beautifully well made. She handles light from all angles as well as any photographer I have seen. Deb's cumulative document of her own family is so good. Human and true. Her use of the space beneath the pier as recurring ground is brilliant. Deb has come to know this space over time and uses it to better and better effect. This is the kind of visual research, in depth, that leads to the very best kind of image making -- the kind that no one else can copy. Her close portraits of faces are so human and revealing -- the realest kind of treasures for the subjects and their families. Deb's pictures and all the rest reveal her as a caring, lively individual with a rare charisma.
- Jock Sturges | master photographer

A Mother's Gift... We have all heard that a picture tells a thousand words but when a picture captures beauty, purity and vulnerability, it is more than just a thousand words. It is an everlasting story preserved in time that is priceless. Deb's diversity is unparallel to no other, photographs with a mystical twist, an edgy look and authentic expressions, Deb's work captures real feelings infused with an abundance of artistic vision. Throughout our home, we have heart warming stories of our life thanks to this amazing talented woman.
- Neil, Marcina & Kendra C.

Deb is a born teacher and a true artist in today's photography industry. I had the privilege of participating in a one-on-one workshop with Deb last fall. Not only is her work extraordinary but she, as an human being, is incredibly kind, caring and engaged in those that want to learn from her. Deb took the time to listen to my story, my feelings and needs as a photographer, who wanted to learn and grow. She was able to provide me with feedback on my portfolio and give honest and thoughtful suggestions on how to further develop my skills. Deb's ability to truly listen, care and guide her students is a rarity. Deb has an incredible eye for photography, knows our industry and sincerely wants to see her students find themselves within their own work. I highly recommend her courses whether online or in person. Her professionalism is outstanding. I feel incredibly blessed to know her and to learn from such a gifted artist. It is simply impossible to put into words the impact our relationship and her artwork, which hangs on my walls has on me everyday.
- Hilary Camilleri | photographer

Deb is not just an incredible photographer - she is an incredible person. Deb has photographed our family numerous times with stunning results - and she took on the task of photographing our seven year old son as he battled cancer. This was a project from her heart that helped show a childs life in the face of cancer. She would show up at his doctor appointments, meet us at home, went to his school to document him with his classmates... a gift we will treasure forever. Her ability to switch from magical family photograher to documentarian (without loosing her special touch) was amazing. We love Deb as a person.
- Melissa M.

I woke up this morning and ended up at Deb's website and her images took my breath away. Really. She has such an insane gift. I hope she knows how brilliant she is. Deb pushes me to be a better photographer. She pushes me to feel what I am photographing more. And I can't thank her enough.
- Emily Corey | photographer

Deb is an amazing photographer that captures priceless pictures! She's taken pictures of my family 4 times now including my 5 day old newborn. The pictures are priceless and I often find that I can't pick which ones are my favorites. Our family moved from San Diego to Arizona last year... and I've booked her 2 times since then.
- Joely B.

I can't say enough about Deb! I found her online when my husband and I were looking to get maternity photos done. We were new to the area and had no one to ask for a referral. I called and scheduled an appointment and before we could make it to the appointment I was admitted to the hospital with complications in my pregnancy. I called her to cancel our appointment and she said that she could come to the hospital and take the pictures there. I wasn't crazy about this idea because how good could the pictures turn out when you are in a hospital room? But I really wanted the pictures so we kept the appointment. She came and we fell in love with her. She made us feel so relaxed and comfortable. It felt more like our friend taking pictures as opposed to a stranger. It was so great and she took the most beautiful pictures of our pregnancy! You would NEVER have known that we were in the hospital! We also had her take newborn pictures as well, she came to our house when our son was 5 days old and she took the most amazing newborn pictures you have ever seen!!! We love love love Deb and her work and can't say enough about her. We will definitely be using her for all our future family photos!
- Lacy M.

Deb is not only a talented photographer who captures beautiful images of your family, she is a kind, compassionate person who truly is inspired by her work. She makes everyone feel comfortable during a shoot - nothing is staged; all is very natural and fun. On the day of our shoot, my 2-year old was not feeling his best, but you would never know it from our gorgeous family photos. He looks so happy and adorable. Deb knew just what to do. There is no other photographer for this family!
- Jennifer K.

I saw some of Deb's work in our pediatricians office and knew I had to have her photograph my kids - and I am so glad I did. Everytime I look at the photos I smile. She truly has a the gift of capturing whatever she is photographing. And her passion comes thru with every shot. Not only are her photographs amazing, so is she. So relaxed and comfortable to be around. Deb is also warm and genuine, I am so fortunate to have found her. As my memories of my children begin to fade, I know I will have her work to remind me how wonderful they are. The feelings I get from the pictures are absolutely priceless.
- Jeniffer M.

I just went through your whole portfolio and your pictures are BRILLIANT! Every one of them struck me in some way...they brought a smile to my face or a tear to my eye. You are truly an amazing photographer!
- Colby Evans | photographer

When my husband and I made the decision to get maternity and newborn photos done we scoured the internet, searching for a great photographer. We found Deb's website and were both blown away by her work, just take a look at her site and you'll get it. And then we actually had our maternity session...what a wonderful experience! Deb was personable, sweet, and fun to be around. My husband and I left the session feeling like we had just spent some time with a good friend, not a stranger. We absolutely love the maternity photos that resulted and now cannot wait to introduce our little one to Deb for the newborn session.
- Cassie L.

Deb is phenomenal! She has an amazing eye for finding the most clever, inspiring, romantic and beautiful pictures. My husband hates to take photos and he loves Deb's work. He's even looking forwward to our next session! Deb is incredibly talented and artistic, but warm and patient. Everyone who has seen our photos has been nothing less than wow'd by her work. You absolutely CANNOT go wrong using Deb. You will not be disappointed, you will only be inspired!
- Kellie T.

Deb takes outstanding family pictures. She has an incredible knack for interacting with kids and getting the best response from them. Her service is excellent. She came over to our house and my children (ages 2 1/2 and 4) were very relaxed and excited she was there. I love our family pictures!
- Ashley G.

We all can learn to take pictures by reading manuals, going to workshops, using photoshop. but what Deb does... you CAN'T learn. It's in her. It's the power to understand the little glimpses of bliss that can show up on a daily basis. It's SEEING, what as mothers and fathers, we feel in our hearts. Deb gave me the pictures that I carry in my soul, but now I can also have them on my walls.
- Francesca Madden | photographer