SKYLER GRACE  |  2007 - Present

Skyler Grace. My funny, hard-headed, sweet, creative, middle child. My muse.

At the heart of this series is the exploration of my relationship with Skyler, as her mother, as a photographer, and how the two interweave and collide. I view these photographs as a collaboration between two creatives — a natural and symbiotic mix of artistry, not knowing fully where one ends and the other begins, but always respecting and allowing. 

Skyler, I dedicate this series to you, for all the inspiration you have provided me. Over the years, I often wondered if I really made these photographs or possibly did you? Yes, I know I held the camera but the photographs of you have always felt so much more than my creating. In the end, I concluded that we did this together. I hope that one day you will say that the photographs of you, as a child, were a perfect mix of your truth and mine, and that your story was told well. It has been a pleasure to watch you grow, become and transform into the young lady that you are today. It is an honor and privilege to photograph you. As always, I thank you.