PROJECT 12  | 2013 - Present

There's something extraordinary that happens in the pre-teen years -- the beginning of the metamorphasis from childhood to adulthood. Some call it coming of age; others call it puberty, adolescence or simply the teenage years. Regardless of the term, it's a phase that is beautiful, powerful, transitional, challenging and full of so much hope. 

The Latin definition of adolescence is "to grow up" and is said to take place during the teen years. It's the phase when the physical and psychological changes begin. A couple years ago, my 16-year-old daughter (at the time) said, "things change in middle school; it's when you learn everything." I believe that these pre-teen years are a mysterious, fascinating age, teetering on innocence and experimentation, dependence and independence -- the beginning of the discovery of true self.

This series is ongoing. photographing 12-year-old girls from around the world.