Due to high interest, I'm super excited to share that I'll be holding a second Australia workshop. This time in amazing MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA -- Friday July 3rd through Sunday July 5th.

This 2-1/2 day workshop retreat will be held at an awesome, private studio space filled with charm, character and light. During our time together, we will discuss, share and explore. You will receive an intimate look at my photography and artistic process. You will be encouraged and inspired to find and embrace your unique voice and photography path. This workshop will not only foster enlightenment, creativity and growth, but also promises to encourage and challenge you. We will challenge one another and challenge ourselves.

While we are still working through the final aspects of this retreat, registration will be opening soon. Please review details and registration information below. 


FRIDAY, 3 JULY  |  5 PM - ??
Welcome mixer and dinner

SATURDAY, 11 JULY  |  9 AM - 6 PM
Workshop discussion (see topics below)
Indoor light demonstration
Photo demonstration 

SUNDAY, 12 JULY  |  9 AM - 5 PM
Continued discussion (see topics below)
Processing of some of previous day’s images
Individual portfolio reviews

* While the core information has been set, every workshop that I teach is custom-tailored to the unique desires, needs and wishes of the group in attendance. Due to this custom nature, the schedule will remain a bit open. Additionally, I have the goal to photograph in the water (weather permitting), which may require some additional schedule flexibility.

DISCUSSION TOPICS:  Organization, workflow, strong images, storytelling, strong portfolio, style, inspiration, goal setting, fine art photography, photographing in indoor and outdoor natural light and image processing

While some aspects of technique will be discussed, this retreat is not centered around learning the basics of camera technique or image processing. It is best that you already have a good understanding of the use of your camera (shoot in AV or manual mode) and image processing (PS, LR, etc.). If you have any questions as to whether this retreat is the right fit for you, please email me.

LOCATION:  Melbourne, Australia

LIMITED TO: 8 photographers

TUITION: Your $2200 AUD tuition covers:
a welcome dinner celebration.
two full days of information, instruction, inspiration and discussion.
photo session demonstration.
photo processing demonstration.
an intimate look into my photography (I'm an open book).
a portfolio review
a custom-designed inspirational photography book.
lunch, snack and drinks throughout both workshop days.
a question and answer session.
participation in a (very active) private Facebook group, with continued support, encouragement, sharing and inspiration.

REGISTRATION:  If interested in being first to be notified when registration opens, simply EMAIL ME.

QUESTIONS: Feel free to CONTACT ME with any questions you may have.

All images shared below were photographed at previous Deb Schwedhelm Photography workshops...


I can't thank you enough for my weekend at the Tampa workshop.  It came at a time when I needed to pause and reflect on life and photography; to connect with others about art and our common journey.  Finally getting to meet you in person and give you a big hug was also so important.  We spend so much time in this digital age limited in our ability to connect in a truly human way.  Getting to see you work, to look at your work in person, and to shoot beside you and the other super talented participants was such a highlight.  And wrapping up the weekend with the portfolio review still resonates with me.  Sitting with you and the others discussing my work was a first and I learned so much from that experience.  I would do it again in a heart beat.

Jen C. (Florida workshop)


Dear Deb, Shortly after our workshop, our family packed up and headed to the cottage for a couple of weeks. It was complete chaos and I didn't end up getting the time I needed to honestly reflect on what you gave to me at the workshop. I knew I had walked away refreshed, motivated, and inspired, but also knew that something deeper had happened in those two days.

I am home now and the kids are asleep. I can finally sit down, think, and write.

I can't thank you enough for your honesty and for presenting yourself as a "real" person. Until the workshop, you were some famous photographer that I worshiped. After the workshop you were Deb. Deb who had a dream, worked her ass off and is now one of the most talented photographers I know. You weren't handed your gift on a silver platter. I needed to see this more than you know. I needed to see that an everyday mommy like me, could be great at this art.

You took the time to explain things and teach things that I am sure are very second nature to you. I felt safe those two days knowing that I was there to learn and you were there to teach. No stupid questions could be asked.

An inside look into your work and how you approach a shoot and editing was incredible. I can't even begin to tell you how much I learned during that time!  You inspired me to keep going with this art and be honest and true on my journey. These words have not left my head. Before I arrived I wasn't sure if I should be doing this or return to teaching. I am now committed to this amazing art and have put teaching on the back burner. I understand I have a long road ahead and that there is no end to the journey. Before you, this would have scared the shit out of me. Now I am excited.

More than anything you have motivated me to KEEP GOING.

Deb, you were incredible those two days. I could have listened to you forever. You add so much value to this art and I respect you more than I can express.

THANK YOU for the opportunity to learn from you and get to know you. I would do this all over again in a heart beat. I hope that we will meet again some day but for now know that you have left a really big awesome mark in my world. So grateful for our time.

Lisa T. (Canada workshop)


I went into the workshop hoping to learn a whole lot technically to improve my own photography. What I came away with was that and so much more. I saw first hand how it wasn’t magic or luck which got you to where you are – it as a lot of hard work, finding an inspiration and following through with it. Watching your workflow from our discussions on inspiration and visualization, to watching you shoot and post-process. I realized that it is entirely possible that I can follow in your footsteps, put in the effort, and become an amazing artist. I can’t help but feel like I went into the workshop thinking I was a decent photographer and I left feeling like I was blossoming into an artist. I have since found inspiration coming to me so easily and in so many forms. My mind has been opened! I have all these images dancing in my head that I cannot wait to set up and photograph.

There wasn’t a question that was too simple and there was always time for another question. You shared everything that makes you who you are – an amazing photographer and an amazing person. I found inspiration not just in your product but in who you are and the amazing souls that were attracted to you and your workshop. I can’t begin to express how lovely it was that you weren’t just our fearless leader, but also just another friend in our group. I truly feel like I’ve gained a new friend in you!

As terrified as we all were of the portfolio review, I saw a light turn on in each one of us. My fear of discouragement was quickly dispelled as I saw my work in a whole new, positive light. I now feel empowered and excited for this long and amazing journey. I so cherish the time we all spent together and am so excited to now have such amazing people to share in this journey! Thank you!

Carrie C. (Bali workshop)


Deb, how on earth do I put it into words…. thank you just doesn’t cut it.

I feel so humbled to have been a part of your workshop. This experience is one I will never forget both for my journey as a photographer and also for me personally.

When I found out about your workshop, I just knew in my heart I had to be there and now that I’m home I just want to thank you so much for your beautifully kind heart, and all the experience and knowledge from your own journey that you so generously shared with us all.

I’m so happy to have met all the incredibly talented and special women that I shared this experience with and have made some wonderful new friendships too! It was seriously so much more than a photography workshop!!

So thank you. For bringing us all together, for sharing so much of yourself with us, and for giving me the courage to find my own path and my own vision…

Megan G. (Bali workshop)