Thank you so much for entrusting Deb Schwedhelm Photography with your photographs. I hope that you love them and will treasure them for a lifetime. Now that you have your high-resolution digital files, it is important that you take the time to read the information below. I want you to have prints in your home that are quality, accurate in color, and beautifully displayed in your home. If you take the following items into consideration, you are sure to do just that!

Print Lab Recommendation

This is very important -- not all print labs are created equal. If you do not want to print your photographs through your online gallery, I recommend Mpix print lab for calibrated printing of your digital files. If you choose to use another lab, I recommend that you use one that caters to serious amateurs. When you are ordering prints, look for a box that says “Do not auto-correct my prints”. A print lab like Walgreens or Target will not provide quality prints and will most likely produce skewed colors.

Cropping & Aspect Ratios

Your files are sized 5x7 ratio. When you move to varying print sizes (4x6, 8x10), remember that your file will be cropped, which means you will lose part of the image. For example, if you are looking at one of your vertical photographs, cropping to 4x6/8x12/16x24, a small portion form each side of the image will be removed. The ideal method to obtain exact sizing of a print is to use a crop tool in a photo editing program. If you are unable to crop yourself, it is extremely important to pay very close attention to the print lab's crop preview tools, when ordering.


Your digital files were edited and enhanced on my computer, which is calibrated and has embedded color profiles. Please do not change the colors of your photographs. Alterations, changes and digital manipulations of files are prohibited.

File Format

All your files are saved in JPG format. JPG compression is a very efficient format designed specifically for saving photographic images. Please avoid opening a JPEG, making changes, and resaving it again and again and again -- as a JPG opened and closed repeatedly will degrade the quality of your digital file over the years.

Back It Up!

I cannot stress this enough -- back up your files. It is the sole responsibility of each client to make back up copiesyour files. Deb Schwedhelm Photography keeps digital files for six months and then they are removed and no longer accessible in any way.


Deb Schwedhelm Photography retains the copyright of all photographs. You are authorized to make unlimited copies of your files for personal use only. You may not sell the images or profit in any way, which includes photo contests. Deb Schwedhelm Photography retains the copyright and retains the right to use the images in marketing, advertising and other reasonable public uses.