our world | day one

It's so hard to believe that twenty-thirteen is quickly coming to a close. This year has been amazing in so many ways, but the days have absolutely flown by -- and continue to do so!! And with that, I could no longer ignore the fact that I hadn't taken enough photographs of my children this year. While I can't take back the previous months, I decided that I could do something about it now. After talking with my dear friend Rowe, who just happened to feel similarly, we decided to team up on a photo project -- one that would get our focus back on capturing the everyday of our families, while also fostering personal growth. After quite a bit of brainstorming, we decided on a fabulous photo project:  two friends living oceans apart. sharing 30 days of images, inspired each day by one word.

Without further ado, the first photograph from our joint project...


© deb schwedhelm

© rowe timson

the gift of time

written for the incredible motherhood with a camera blog, a gathering of images and writings, each swirling around a specific theme. this week, the topic was time and here is my submission.

time precious and fleeting unstoppable time gives time takes your past is a memory your future is a mystery all you know for certain is your time now this very moment each day a present how will you spend your time? from the time you rise till the time you rest it’s a choice your choice what will your legacy be? that you lived your life fully and spent your time well that you were kind and good and giving i hope so because time is a gift i will do my best to cherish every minute and celebrate my time but for now it’s time to say thank you for your time!


you can view the entire choir of the beautiful and inspiring voices here.

the gift of imagination & creativity

celebrate the gift of the human imagination.be careful that you use this gift wisely. see your children's creative capacities for the richness that they are. see our children for the hope that they are. educate their whole being. we may not see the future but they will! our job is to help them make something of it. - adapted from ken robinson's TED talk

hearing these words gave me chills and made my heart race. sadly, my little ones do not have art at school. gratefully, they have an absolutely amazing art instructor that they see once a week after school. my goal is that my children never lose the creative freedom they currently possess. i cherish and celebrate the creative gifts they deliver to me regularly and yesterday brought me this...

A VIDEO THAT SKYLER MADE  on her ipod touch.  be sure to have your sound on.  i didn't even know she was working on this, let alone know how to use this app.

and an art project my daughter did in her creative journal, which she suggested i also have.

i get asked a lot about who or what inspires me and i always say that my children do.  but no kidding -- THEY WHOLEHEARTEDLY DO!!  i'm now planning to work on a collaboration with kiele directly related to her art collage above.

and if you haven't heard of the company sevenly, here you go.  they have the most amazing t-shirts EVER!!  and you can't go wrong because with every purchase, part of the money goes back to the week's cause.  i own two of their shirts already and will be purchasing this education tee (beyond being cool, they are great quality).  what great christmas presents too!!

october online workshop | breaking the mold

BREAKING THE MOLD a two-week online workshop september 30th - october 13th space is limited registration details below

some topics that will be discussed are: organization inspiration creativity light lensbaby thinking outside the box finding your style creating strong images building a strong portfolio

participants will receive the following: an honest and intimate look into my photography daily, interactive communication multiple assignments followed by feedback an inspirational e-book

details for  registration: 1. this workshop is held via the bloom form & therefore, all participants MUST BE bloom forum members. if interested in registering for this two-week online workshop but are not a yet a member of bloom, you can join the forum (for 3, 6 or 12 months), by clicking the bloom logo below... The Bloom Forum 2. once a bloom member, you can register within the bloom forum, here:  Bloom News section under Mini Workshop Information 3. the workshop will run from monday, sept 30th - oct 13th. 4. this is an online workshop and while there will be daily posts and interaction, participants can work at their own pace. 5. price:  $225.00. 6. the private workshop information will be available for one month after the workshop ends. 7. there is also a private facebook group for all past breaking the mold participants, to continue  interacting and sharing with one another.

and here's what a few former breaking the mold participants had to say when the workshop was done:

I am blessed to have found Breaking the Mold and the follow-up course, Continuing the Journey. I am so sad that they have ended, but am so grateful as I am forever changed. I have never been so excited or enthused about the journey that I am headed on, and for the first time I am questioning all of the external "noise" and slowing starting to trust myself and my art. I have been encouraged to "keep going" and to follow my instincts, which I have been afraid to do in the past. I got more out of this than I ever imagined and if I had to sum up my time in these courses, I would use words such as soulful, eye-opening, inspiring, thought-provoking and last but not least...definitely worth it. Thank you, Deb, from the bottom of my heart. - BECKY

Deb's workshops gave me the tools to look at my photography on a deeper level, getting right to the roots of who i am and who i want to be as a photographer. Deb answers questions and shares with a refreshing openness and honesty. The workshops are without a doubt substance over style, they are intelligent and authentic -- qualities that i have not always found anywhere else. I was left feeling not only inspired but truly empowered! - LILY

I am sad that our time has come to an end in your new workshop ‘Breaking the Mold’. I have enjoyed it immensely.

We so often second-guess our instincts and I have learned lately that mine are very loud and rarely go away. It is funny too, I don’t often shy away from it, unless there is fear involved – fear of rejection, fear of not being validated, fear of moving forward, fear of dwelling too much on the past, fear of trying something new, fear of the competition. Your workshop has not only validated me, my strengths, my weaknesses, but it also brought my journey to a whole other level. I hope that I will continue to adapt and transform and ask myself all the questions you asked of us in your workshop. It was fast moving, made me reflect and helped me see things way more clearly. That is a gift.

There are very few people in my life who have truly given me inspiration, made me want to move forward and try something new. But you sure have! You have allowed me to let loose and share in a comfortable and giving environment. You were warm, generous and giving!!! I so appreciated all your candor. In our short two weeks, you have definitely given me confidence, helped me make sense of the issues and doubts I have been feeling for awhile and made me want to be a better me, for my clients and for my family and friends. Everyone needs that someone to get you “unstuck”. Your words, your exercises for us, and your explanation of your own photography has heightened my love and passion for photography so much more than I ever thought possible. - SARA

i’m so sad that our workshop is over, but i just wanted to take a minute to send you a quick note. this was the very first workshop i have ever taken, i had no real expectations. i can tell you that the last three weeks were unlike anything i thought i would experience in a photography workshop… it was almost like therapy for me, really! i am self taught, and have struggled with the mentality that i’m not up to par because i don’t have the piece of paper to prove that i deserve to be here. i finally think i’m starting to see that i don’t need to be technically perfect to be great at what i do. really, i could ramble on forever but i really just wanted to say thank you! thank you for helping me believe in myself, for bringing so much passion and inspiration to me in a short time and thank you for taking the time to teach us all and for being you!! i have never really surrounded myself with a group of my peers, it’s been an amazing ride. – LILA

I can’t thank you enough for your amazing workshop. It went above and beyond anything I had ever expected. I came into the workshop hoping to learn more about photography, I never dreamed of the personal journey it would take me on or the growth I would have. I have come away appreciating my vision as an artist and not worrying about others. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being so open and honest. I have grown leaps and bounds and look forward to continuing to grow even more. - STEPHANIE


who knows what tomorrow will bring

Most humans are never fully present in the now, because unconsciously they believe that the next moment must be more important than this one. But then you miss your whole life, which is never not now.— eckhart tolle

this past friday, september 13th, one of the most amazing men to walk this earth unexpectedly died. i called him my "adopted dad". he wasn't really my dad, but he treated me like i was his own child. my kids called him "opa" and they truly believed that he was their grandpa.

we lived in the same city (san diego) as opa for four years. like so many, both oma and opa didn't like their picture taken. so i never forced them, thinking that someday i would get a photo of them with my kids. sadly, that someday is gone and i don't have a single photo of my kids with their opa richard. gratefully i do have some recent photos of richard, from when i photographed their son's wedding.

i share this because i don't want this to happen to you. there is no perfect time, as i shared years ago in this post. and you truly do not know what tomorrow has in store. one day, richard was healthy. the next, at the young age of 64, richard's pulse was gone.

live in the present. celebrate today. make memories. cherish every minute. take photographs. be in the photographs. do it now!! stop waiting for the perfect moment. it will never arrive. there are no perfect moments sweetheart. we choose our moments and i want you to start choosing yours and start choosing now. time will not wait for you and i don’t want you to miss out on your life because you’ve been patiently waiting on the sidelines thinking you have to stay there. you don’t have to sit this life out, your life out. you have a whole field in front of you for you to discover and run around in. it is there for you, let your feet press down on the earth and then start running, start discovering, and never stop. — acoustic imagery

richard truly was one of the kindest, most caring, loving people i have ever met. he gave for the simple love of giving, never expecting anything in return. he was an admired and greatly respected doctor and educator. he could tell a story like no other and listened with the patience of a saint. he loved a good glass of wine and was gifted at completing crosswords. he was a gourmet cook and a skilled craftsman (no project around the house was too big). he touched the lives of all who crossed his path and as a pediatrician, that was A LOT. i wish i had more time with him but i am so lucky and blessed to have had the time that i did. and so i celebrate all the goodness that richard was. i wish you all got to meet him. richard parker walls, thank you for loving me and my family. i celebrate you...

the last photo i took of richard. photographed them while they were relaxing on their back patio, may 2012.

i decided to bring this beautiful comment into the blog post b/c THIS is the kind of man richard was. look at how he affected his patients...

Dr. Walls, as we knew him, was so much more than our 3 children's pediatrician. He was a friend, a teacher, and a coach. Since our daughter's first visit with him 5 years ago, we have grown to love Dr. Walls. He has always taken the time to listen and educate. As back then, I was a first-time new mom, he would answer every question I had, no matter how small or silly they were. He never made me feel dumb for asking, he never rushed me along, and he seemed to truly know everything - but wasn't the least bit arrogant. He taught me so much, not just about the medical aspects of raising children, but their emotional and psychological well-being as well. We went on to have two more children, now 2 1/2 and just 7 weeks old. We just saw Dr. Walls 3 weeks ago and were scheduled to see him next week for our newest angels 2 month check-up. I will never forget that every time he'd leave the room after our visits, he'd say, "keep it up, mom, you're doing a great job." Even though I'm sure he told that to every mom, he was so sincere and those words always meant so much coming from him.

I learned of Dr. Walls passing on Tuesday when I had called the office with a question and I have been in shock and in an endless flow of tears ever since. It just doesn't make sense. He was completely fine and now he is gone. The cruel irony was that when I had to tell my oldest daughter (6) of his passing on Tuesday evening, my first thought was, I wish I could ask Dr. Walls how to go about explaining death to her - as this is her first loss of a loved one. Seeing the shock and sadness on her little face when I told her Dr. Walls went to Heaven and we won't get to see him again, will never leave my mind. It was the hardest thing I've ever had to tell her. I told her that just like whenever she wasn't feeling well before and we'd go see Dr. Walls and he'd help her feel better, now she can pray to him when she isn't feeling well and he'll help. I have absolute faith that he will hear her prayers.

I am so sad that I will never get to tell him just how much he meant to our family...how much my children looked forward to seeing him. I'll never get to thank him for all that he taught me. I'll never get to ask the still pending list of questions that now, as a third-time new mom, I have for him. He was such an integral part of our "team" in raising our children and his loss is tremendous. I already feel so lost without his guidance, his calming, reassuring voice and comforting, supportive words. I still can't believe that I'll never get to see him again.

These pictures that you've posted are beautiful and I can't thank you enough for giving me the chance to see his warm smile once again. I only pray that somehow he knows how amazing we all think he was - how incredibly grateful we all are for the privilege of having him in our lives. Though my heart is broken for my own family's loss, I can't imagine the pain of his wife and sons. Absolutely devastating to lose Richard from this earth. I still can't stop the tears... I will keep you all in my prayers. God bless.

can't wait

sometimes you find yourself in the middle of nowhere and sometimes in the middle of nowhere you find yourself. - author unknown

i have a secret longing for the middle of nowhere. and even starting over, hence the military life and i getting along so well. and i can't wait to get back to this space.  this space (almost) in the the middle of nowhere.

in tampa, we don't camp in the summer (99 degrees with 99% humidity is rather miserable); we camp in the winter. and i ache for all that camping has to offer...

bonding as a family. away from the noise. solitude. freedom. the sounds of nature. fresh air. the smell of the woods. no obligations. no deadlines. nightly campfires. s'mores. hiking. bike riding. geo-caching. hammock resting. football throwing. book reading. wildlife. exploring. imagination and creative play. embracing dirty. overall rejuvenation. cherished time together. simple days. the memories.

these were taken back in march, on one of our camping adventures and i can't wait to get back to doing this. soon!!

yep... i can't wait. p.s. kiele was out of town during this trip.

back at it and my first

i've had a few people message me recently about how they've missed my blog. or i guess my blogging. to be honest, i was a bit surprised but goodness, hearing that made my heart so happy. i've missed it too!!  

i've always blogged because it was...because it just felt right. and then i got really, really busy, with a lot of traveling and i just couldn't make blogging happen. at least i couldn't make it happen and feel good about it -- that it was authentic and heartfelt.

so i'm getting back to it. i'm going through some of my older photos that made my heart soar.  that i wanted to share but never did.   i'm simply getting back to this space -- this space that has brought me so much joy over the years.

with all of that said, i also wanted to share a big announcement (along with a few accompanying honest thoughts)...

marketing myself does not come easy. i don't like tooting my own horn. i don't like promoting myself.  i almost have to get out of my own head to be able to post about these amazing things that have happened with my photography. it's hard because i'm so incredibly grateful, but i kind of wish that people just magically found out. like some kind of mental telepathy thing.  but since the mental telepathy thing isn't going to happen, i have to come to terms with sharing.  and that's how i make peace with myself.  it's sharing.  not bragging. not boasting. it's about sharing and being grateful. and i need to get over this hang up of mine.

so in sharing my big announcement, i also thank you -- i am beyond grateful to all who have supported encouraged pushed and believed in me. from the bottom of my heart, i thank you!

one week from today, i will have my first solo show at the kiernan gallery in lexington, virginia. i sure hope to see some friends there. that would be amazing. i'm excited, grateful, thrilled, can't wait...but i'm also just a wee bit nervous.

i also share small bits regularly here on my deb schwedhelm photography facebook page.

surround yourself with the dreamers and the doers, the believers and the thinkers, but most of all, surround yourself with those who see the greatness within you, even when you don't see it yourself. - author unknown

oh canada!

goodness, it's been a while.a long while. i could make lots of excuses but i won't bore you -- other than sharing that it's been an amazing, whirlwind, full-of-travel, kick-ass kind summer. so where do i start? oh canada. yes...CANADA!!

this past june, i held a workshop in grand bend, canada. i feel so incredibly blessed to have been able to share with 10 amazing, awe-inspiring, beautiful women!! i truly feel that each and every workshop i am able to teach is such a gift in my life. i am blessed -- and so very grateful. and so i start with some special and very important thank yous --

to those who attended my canada workshop, i cannot thank you enough for entrusting and believing in me. thank you for opening your hearts, minds and souls to all that i had to share. each of you is unique and special and i can't wait to see where your journey takes you over the coming months and years. from the bottom of my heart, i thank you: lisa tullett amber lowe meg henderson tracy higgon sherri davis stephanie jackson heather ellen jennifer floyd & jessica thew

thank you hilary camilleri, for taking such awesome care of me while in canada and ensuring the workshop was seamless, from beginning to end. and i thank you for your kind and gracious friendship!

thank you sherri davis for working so hard on this beautiful, heartfelt video, captured during our workshop days together.  i will never forget our foxy visitor and the full moon rising...meant to be!!

thank you to the cranston family, claire and nina, who all volunteered to model for the workshop (photos shared below).

thank you to the wonderful workshop sponsors: dream a little dream with me the organic bloom lensbaby ketti handbags baby p designs 3 annies camera bags erin darcy design the flower studio

in closing, i wanted to share this incredible email i received after the workshop, which had me in lots of happy, grateful tears:

Dear Deb, Shortly after our workshop, our family packed up and headed to the cottage for a couple of weeks. It was complete chaos and I didn't end up getting the time I needed to honestly reflect on what you gave to me at the workshop. I knew I had walked away refreshed, motivated, and inspired, but also knew that something deeper had happened in those two days.

I am home now and the kids are asleep. I can finally sit down, think, and write.

I can't thank you enough for your honesty and for presenting yourself as a "real" person. Until the workshop, you were some famous photographer that I worshiped. After the workshop you were Deb. Deb who had a dream, worked her ass off and is now one of the most talented photographers I know. You weren't handed your gift on a silver platter. I needed to see this more than you know. I needed to see that an everyday mommy like me, could be great at this art.

You took the time to explain things and teach things that I am sure are very second nature to you. I felt safe those two days knowing that I was there to learn and you were there to teach. No stupid questions could be asked.

An inside look into your work and how you approach a shoot and editing was incredible. I can't even begin to tell you how much I learned during that time!  You inspired me to keep going with this art and be honest and true on my journey. These words have not left my head. Before I arrived I wasn't sure if I should be doing this or return to teaching. I am now committed to this amazing art and have put teaching on the back burner. I understand I have a long road ahead and that there is no end to the journey. Before you, this would have scared the shit out of me. Now I am excited.

More than anything you have motivated me to KEEP GOING.

Deb, you were incredible those two days. I could have listened to you forever. You add so much value to this art and I respect you more than I can express.

THANK YOU for the opportunity to learn from you and get to know you. I would do this all over again in a heart beat. I hope that we will meet again some day but for now know that you have left a really big awesome mark in my world. So grateful for our time.

last but not least, some of the photographs that i took at the workshop...

i'm hoping to now get back to regular blogging.  or maybe a bit of tumblring.


workshop scholarship winners

all the entries were so beautiful and heartfelt, making it extremely difficult to select the scholarship winners, but here they are --  the two winning entires (along with announcing a couple  awesome adjustments with the bali workshop)... CANADA -- amber lowe

so i'm up at 5am on a wednesday, to steal an hour of quiet & coffee before the kids wake… and i stumble upon your post. at first, it felt a little like when you read about someone else's lottery winnings or other dream-come-true. i almost didn't click on the link for details. i mean, what are the chances? i bet your inbox is flooded with applicants! then i realized... it's been a long, long time since i let myself dream big.

i've only attended 2 workshops, ever. both taught by friend & mentor, cheryl jacobs-nicolai. both in 2005, which seems like a lifetime ago.

for a few years, i poured myself into my work as a portrait photographer. then my oldest son fell seriously ill and everything work related came to a screeching halt.  several dark months/doctors/hospitalizations later, my then 11 year old was officially diagnosed with bipolar disorder (+aspergers). fortunately, we were able to find him the proper care and treatment he needed, and today he's well. not unicorns-and-rainbows-well. but stable-well. and for that, i am grateful.

but as i was trying to hold it together in the wake of my personal tsunami... something else happened. i stopped shooting. the mere thought of picking up my camera sent a flash of sheer panic through my veins. it felt as though if i took my eye off my kids, for even 1/250 sec. their world might come crashing down. and i couldn't risk that happening again.

since then, it's been an ugly, slow, painful, gut-wrenching, terrifying, soul- awakening, beautiful journey back to photography. i'm finally pursuing once more what i know i'm meant to. recently, i started shooting clients again. partly because i ache to photograph faces, connect, and share my work. (because what is art if it's not shared?) partly to take care of my 4 kids. and partly because the cost of loving a craft like photography is almost as much as a 5th child would be. ;)

now, here i am rebuilding my business… crunching numbers, working on a website, branding/marketing, trying to keep it simple, planning everything in a way that will both spare and fuel my passion for the art. all while simultaneously depleting our savings to invest in start up. what i really need is a reprieve. a chance to catch my breath. to refocus. time devoted solely to connecting. to inspiring and nurturing the thing that drives me. so then i'm up at 5am on a wednesday, to steal an hour of quiet & coffee before the kids wake... and i stumble upon your post.

my reason for wanting to attend a workshop is simply because i'm inspired to dream big again.

and i absolutely deserve this scholarship... because i've fought a thousand battles to be inspired to dream big again.

i would be humbled, honored, and absolutely over-the-moon-thrilled to receive a scholarship to either workshop. bali sure looks especially incredible though... and i'm dreaming big. so if i got to pick, that's where i'd go.

BALI -- liz perryman

In the past, I have given into the voices of self-doubt and fear that paralyze me from trying and reaching beyond my comfort zone. It is so much easier to stay stagnant, protected within the walls of familiarity, but that is not what life is meant for. I do not wish for the whisperings of self-deprecation in my mind to silence the voices of desire and passion, of faith and the insatiable longing to improve, to attempt even with the possibility of failure. I have an inner voice that screams to be heard and to make a difference in the lives of others.

I feel that I see the world in a unique way. Amid all the struggles that we face, I found a way to notice the beauty that surrounds me even when darkness threatens to overcome. I see it in subtle touches, raw emotion, imperfect reality, the grand, as well as the simple and mundane of everyday life. I have an overwhelming desire to capture life and freeze time - not through sugar-coating reality, but by seeing the beauty interlaced with the grit that we as humans get covered in, yet continue to push through and survive . . . not just survive, but live as fully and joyously as we know how.

With my experiences in life, I have come to realize how fragile and precarious life is - through the death of my sister, years of infertility, and a deep depression that left me feeling as though I might drown and never break the surface again. Yet through these experiences, I have grown in love, appreciation, perspective, and compassion. I have learned that life is about more than me. It is about sharing myself with others, cultivating love for them and doing what I can to show compassion and reach beyond my comfort to bless their lives.

I have an unyielding need to continue to learn and develop my photography skills, so that I can more fully express myself and capture the beauty in this world for the benefit of others. It would be a dream to attend a workshop in Bali, surrounded by other artists who share my driving passion for life and photography. To experience a different culture and part of the world away from my own, to see the humanity and beauty that extend beyond anything I have experienced would be an undeniable blessing. And to do this with one who has influenced my passion for this art would be an honor.

There is so much to be learned and treasured in life. I want to hone my skills and set myself on a course of self-expression, capturing the beauty of real life, and extending service & my talent to others. This would be a wonderful opportunity on the path to realize my dreams.


i have decided to modify the bali workshop a bit -- now a 4-night / 5-day retreat (august 11th - 15th), with the first day (august 11th) open for arrivals, adjusting to the time difference, relaxing by the pool, seeing sites of bali, etc.  workshop discussion will begin the morning of august 12th and conclude at approximately 12 PM on august 15th.  i've also added a morning of private yoga at the villa and am in the process of exploring a couple other amazing bali experiences for the group.

to allow for the additional day, i have had to change the villa location and am in negotiations with two absolutely incredible, breathtaking, luxury villas.  you can view all the workshop details HERE.

there will be assistance in finding one- or two-bedroom villas, for those who would like to stay additional days in bali.

TUITION  for bali retreat: $2400 RETAINER: $800 deposit to reserve your seat. remaining balance can be paid in installments. payment due in full by july 21st. please note that all rooms are shared king beds.

TO REGISTER: email deb@debsphotographs.com for payment information.

*ALL PAYMENTS ARE NON-REFUNDABLE; however, if cancellation is necessary, you may sell your seat to another photographer.

closing with a little beauty and inspiration from the majestic land of bali...

filmed by andrew melikov

taking a risk

honored to have been asked to participate in THE CHORUS this week -- sharing a photo and thoughts on the subject of risk. this is what i shared...

my journey i tread along this path of comfort this route of familiarity then i see it as i had so many times before "NO CROSSING" the sign demands but this wondrous space ahead it calls to me full of longing i ache for it this unknown mystery magic in the distance could it be? i see the the lingering trail of others do i take the chance? go where i haven't gone before only a fool would enter, a familiar voice whispers yes, only a fool my heart races my palms sweaty maybe tomorrow always tomorrow but tomorrow may never come and i remind myself... you never know what will happen you never know what you will find so i venture in slowly bravely step by step and suddenly my feathers ruffled my wings are spread and just like that… i am free to soar! [deb schwedhelm, 2013]

so many more beautiful images and words, on the topic of risk, shared HERE.


once you have slept on an island

if once you have slept on an island you'll never be quite the same; you may look as you looked the day before and go by the same old name,

you may bustle about in street and shop you may sit at home and sew, but you'll see blue water and wheeling gulls wherever your feet may go.

you may chat with the neighbors of this and that and close to your fire keep, but you'll hear ship whistle and lighthouse bell and tides beat through your sleep.

oh! you won't know why and can't say how such a change upon you came but once you have slept on an island, you'll never be quite the same. - rachel lyman field

a beautiful poem shared in grandma's celebration of life (funeral) program this past monday.

win a bali or canada workshop scholarship

anyone who knows me knows that i am extremely passionate about giving back. i have been blessed with this gift of photography and one of the greatest parts of this journey is the gratitude i feel when i give back! i am offering one workshop scholarship to each of my in-person workshops this year (tuition valued $2000+ each): one  scholarship to my 2-day photography workshop in ontario, canada (june 22nd - 24th) one scholarship to my 3-day photography workshop in bali (august 12th - 15th)

TO ENTER, all you need to do is this... 1. email me the following:

  • why would you like to attend my bali or canada in-person workshop?
  • and why do you believe you should receive the scholarship?

2. share (with link back to this blog post) about this opportunity on  your facebook page(s).

BOTH STEPS must be accomplished, to be considered for the scholarship. don't forget to include your name, contact information and which workshop you're interested in attending.  please limit to no more than 500 words or a 3-minute videosubmission deadline is midnight EST may 17th 2013.

a panel of three photographers will review all submissions and select the the two winning entries.  three runner-ups will receive a discount  coupon at 3 annies camera bags.  good luck!!

IMPORTANT NOTE:  scholarship provides workshop tuition (and all that is included with tuition). winners will be responsible for travel expenses to workshop location and any additional expenses outside of workshop.

in closing, i share some of the images that i've photographed over the years, as part of my giving back...

kirsten sandstrom

no limits theatre group

max mikulak & max's ring of fire

sam hutchison & team sam

the foundation for tomorrow


BALI workshop | registration now open

it's official!!  i'm headed to the majestic land of bali, a location booming with life, beauty and inspiration, for an exclusive 4-night / 5-day photography workshop experience.  together, we will discuss, share and explore.  you will receive an intimate look at my photography and business (and even my life; i'm an open book).  you will be encouraged and inspired to find and embrace your unique voice and photography path.  this workshop will not only foster enlightenment, creativity and growth, but also promises to encourage and challenge you.  while the core information has been set, this workshop will be custom-tailored to the unique desires, needs and wishes of the group in attendance.  please find all the details below (everything is included with the workshop fee except airfare and dinner; however, we will be doing dinners in the evenings together at amazing restaurants out in town).  i sure hope you can join me for this experience of a lifetime. if you would like to stay additional days in bali, our host, rowe timson, will assist you in finding accommodations for an incredible and memorable holiday adventure.  please note that only 10 seats are available!!

BALI WORKSHOP: DATES: august 11th - 15th LOCATION : workshop and lodging will be at this amazing, luxury bali villa CLASS SIZE: limited to 10 photographers TRAVEL: denpasar, indonesia (DPS) airport ground transportation to and from resort will be arranged and is included

RETREAT INCLUDES: • 5-day retreat • 4-night lodging at the luxury villa simpatico • ground transportation to and from resort • breakfast and lunch each day • snacks & drinks throughout workshop • inspirational one-of-a-kind 40-page photo book • a private yoga session at the villa

TOPICS: PRE-RETREAT: • access to private online group • exercises to work on in advance, to bring to retreat

DAY ONE  |  sunday, august 11th • arrivals, adjusting to time difference, relaxing by the pool, seeing sites of bali, etc. • evening dinner & welcome mixer

DAY TWO  |  monday, august 12th (10 AM  - 5 PM) • discussion - organization & workflow - pre-workshop exercises - strong images & portfolio - natural light • indoor natural light demonstration

DAY THREE  |  tuesday, august 13th (10 AM – 5 PM) • discussion - inspiration - creativity - voice & vision - meaningful shooting & storytelling • evening family session (in ubud rice fields or tanah lot temple / beach)

DAVY FOUR | wednesday, august 14th (10 AM - 5 PM) • continued discussion on organization & workflow • processing of images from prior evening’s shoot • photographing in-the-water (uluwatu)

DAY FIVE  |  thursday, august 15th (9 AM – 12 PM) • Q & A • open-discussion portfolio reviews

while some aspects of technique will be discussed, this retreat is not centered around learning the basics of camera technique or image processing.  you should already have a good understanding of the use of your camera (shoot in AV or manual mode) and image processing (PS, LR, etc.).  if you have any questions if this workshop is the right fit for you, please email me.

TUITION : $2400 (each participant will share a king-sized bed) RETAINER: $800 deposit to reserve your seat. remaining balance can be paid in installments.  due in full by july 21st.

TO REGISTER: please email deb@debsphotographs.com for payment information.

*ALL PAYMENTS ARE NON-REFUNDABLE; however, if cancellation is necessary, you may sell your seat to another photographer.