BOOK-BINDING CLASS with Stacie Smith: 
The unique feature of a coptic-bound book is it's functionality.  Unlike standard glued bindings, this hand-sewn book naturally opens flat and it's binding will not crack or break over time.  In this class, you will use a white printmaking paper (with deckled edges preserved) for the book pages. There will be a variety of different cover and end papers to choose from along with a variety of thread colors to accent your book.  At the end of this class, you will leave with a completed photo album, the basic tools needed in book binding and notes with diagrams to help you through your future book-binding endeavors.  Click on images below to enlarge.

Items to bring:
None; all necessary materials and supplies will be provided. 

ENCAUSTICS CLASS with Kat Fitzpatrick: 
In this class, one full image will be mounted on wood using encaustic (beeswax) medium. Hand coloring options (pan pastels, R&F pigment sticks) will be offered or students may elect to keep the light golden quality of the natural beeswax as a final surface.  You may choose to stop there...or use pre-cut elements from other photos to create a new image. You will be shown how to use the wax to create a layered world of imagery. Students will leave with the knowledge of fusing techniques and the basic encaustic processes. Click on images below to enlarge.

Items to bring:
Students will bring several 6x8 inch high-contrast black photographs printed on copy paper. You may also want to come with an assortment of pre-cut elements to embellish your encaustic, including but not limited to: decorative papers, love letters, dried vegetals or personal treasures. 

IMAGE TRANSFER CLASS with Kim Turner-Smith:
Image transfers have a soft, impressionistic quality.  Each transfer is one-of-a-kind and feels like a little treasure.  The transfer process that will be taught is an uncomplicated and fun way to turn your traditional photographs into dreamy, new works of art.  The techniques shown can be easily reproduced in your own home without a lot of expensive products or equipment.

In this class, you will learn to do instant film emulsion lifts and emulsion transfers (also known as Polaroid transfers) and digital photo transfers using your own digital photos.  Emulsion lifts have a soft, ephemeral quality and each one is unique.  Emulsion transfers and digital photo transfers produce a subtle, watercolor look when the photograph is developed onto an alternate surface. Transferring photographs to a variety of surfaces, including watercolor paper, canvas and glass, will be demonstrated. 

All materials needed to make your image transfers will be supplied.  You do not need a Polaroid camera for this workshop.  Prior to the workshop, you will email a few of your own photographs and the digital negative will be printed for your class use.  There will also be 35mm slides available for everyone to make transfers; however, you may prefer to bring your own slides to work with.  Click on images below to enlarge.

Optional items to bring:
- 35 mm mounted slides
- Impossible Film and your own Polaroid camera